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  • Organic Rye Flour

Next Step Produce

Organic Rye Flour

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Next Step Produce

Organic Rye Flour

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Grown using the principals of bio-dynamic farming, this fresh ground, organic whole wheat flour from Next Step produces better tasting more nutrious breads, cakes and cookies.

The idea is that by making the land more nutrient rich through natural methods (read: no chemical fertilizers), Crops are more nutritious, the food tastier, and the people that consume them healthier.  

Very simple.  Good fo us, good for the planet.

Next Step Produce grows mills their wheat to order on the farm once a week.  We ship each Thursday.  You get great flour months fresher than in a store.

 NOTE : We ship fresh-milled flour each Thursday.  Orders must be received by Monday for shipment that week.

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Package Size32 oz.
Storage HintsStore at room temperature, dry conditions
Other InformationOrganic, Farm practices bio-dynamic methods, milled fresh weekly                    

Stories to Savor  

Next Step Produce is not your normal family farm. Heinz Thomet is not your typical farmer.

Their mission: “to grow nourishing food in harmony with nature.”  

Having a mission statement is just a hint to just how unique they are.

A visit with the Thomet family at Next Step Produce is an introduction to the idea that we humans do not need to do harm to the environment to live well.  That it is possible to farm creating a virtuous circle by continuously improving the nutrient density of the soil.  The result is more nutritious crops and better health for the people that eat those crops.  We think the food tastes better too.

This is “bio-dynamic” farming.  

It Is a far higher standard than “organic” farming.  Organic rules focus on keeping specific things out of the food we eat.  Nothing more.  Bio-dynamic farming does that too.  The difference is that it  also makes the food more nutritious, healthier for us to eat. 

There is a sense of harmony you get when on the farm. You feel it. Nature is a tangible thing and when we respect it there are rewards. 

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