Storied Foods brings you wonderfully-interesting, Fabulous-tasting food products from fascinating people.

We discovered long ago that the foods we enjoyed the most always came from chefs and crafters that were driven by a very personal vision of what their creations should be.  They were all artists at heart; each pursuing her own unique sense of how to express themselves. 

The one common characteristic these crafters shared was a story that explained their passion.  Here those stories and Voila` - these is always a great product nearby.

We love the hunt almost as much as the food we discover.  It's an adventure.  We meet interesting people, explore unfamiliar places and learn about new (to us) cultures.  On top of that, the thrill of discovering a great product is unbeatable!

We want to taste every great food, meet all the artisan craters, hear every one of their stories.  We know that is not possible, but we try.  That is why we want to enlist you in our quest.  Like Uncle Sam, Storied Foods wants you!

Explore on your own and tell us about crafters you think measure up.  (A good place to start is to get to know the folks at your Farmers' Market.)  Tell us what you discover so we can share.  

You will find that the search for great food has a wonderful side effect.  It causes honest, authentic conversations with people that may have had different life experiences than you.  We all need more of that.  

Stories from our Makers