Storied Foods is going to be your source for an all-star array of “Farmer’s Market” quality foods.  Better tasting, healthier food for you and your family.  Small batch, authentically produced products direct from real people that you can get to know personally. 

Like a farmer’s market, you will find foods for the adventurous along with better version of items you buy regularly now.  Like a farmer’s market, there will be new crafters and items all the time.

We see ourselves as facilitators bringing great products from passionate, creative people to one place and then getting out of the way.  You are never going to see a Storied Foods brand on any product.  Why would anyone buy a product from a store that hides the real maker? 

We see the search for great artisans and the food they make as a great adventure.  Our goal is to discover every single one.  That may not be possible, but we have a plan.  We are going to recruit like minded folks and create an community of volunteers to expand our reach.   In a very real way STORIED FOODS WANTS YOU! 

There is another reason for creating a community.  Many of us have recently discovered how little we know about the lives of our fellow Americans.  It diminishes the potential in all our lives and holds back our country from its potential.  In a small way, we intend to use it to chip away at that reality of 21st Century life in America.

Welcome to Storied Foods. 

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