Storied Foods is an exploration/adventure web site masquerading as a place to find great artisan-produced food.

We have had a lifelong fascination with the magical ability of food to help strangers connect and talk honestly to each other.  This has been true across time and cultures.  Strangers breaking bread.  Diplomats at state dinners.  Couples on a first date.  Our experience is that the better the food, the more interesting and authentic the connection.

We think that the world could use more authentic conversations between strangers. 

Our mission is to find innovative ways to use our search for great food to meet interesting people, listen to novel ideas and explore unfamiliar (to us) cultures.  People who have had different life experiences than our own.  

We want you to experience our adventures along with us.  It will be more fun with you.  We are just getting started, so stay tuned.    

You will see new products and their stories all the time.  We hope that you become a fellow adventurer.

Join us on social media.  Tell us your adventures and discoveries.  Alert us to great crafters that you know.  Stage your own version of The Dinner Party described in our blog.

Join us now.

Stories from our Makers