America is a Melting Pot


Every immigrant community arrives in the USA with their traditional cuisines.  Those dishes serve as a connection for the first generation of newcomers to the tradtions and heritage of the place they left.    

The children of those immigrants have a different cultural experience around food.  They grow up enjoying a mix of the cuisine of their ancestors and things Americans expect to see at mealtime.  

This always leads to creative types wanting to experiment with combining the characteristics they like best in both cuisines and making something new.  It is a never ending dynamic process that continually brings new food experiences to all of us.    

We are fascinated by this ever repeating, uniquely American phenomena.  

We love the pure cuisines that start the process.  We love the artistic freedom to create something new.  As long as the results honor the traditions of both heritages, we know the food is will be great.  

America has always been a melting pot of ideas where newcomers bring change and are changed living here.  It is what makes America such an exciting and creative place.  It is why people all over the world come here.