The New American Farmer

America was founded on the dedication, innovativeness, and dreams of hard-working and adventurous people. Individuals who were not afraid to explore and nurture the New World to make it a habitable place where our new and rapidly growing country could feed itself.


Today’s farmers carry that same spirit. Their goal now is to lead a food revolution in what we eat. Their products taste better, are healthier, and have interesting stories that you don’t usually see in products at grocery store.


They are savvy business people that use being small as an advantage. They live their lives based on strong beliefs that guide their approach to both their trades and their lives. They sometimes embark on projects that seem driven more by artistic imperatives than dreams of commercial success. And as a result of their vision and dedication, they have created amazing products that nourish both our bodies and our souls.


They are the New American Farmers.


Join us as we explore the US searching for New American Farmers. Together, we’ll meet these fascinating individuals and the delicious foods that they produce.


Do you know a New American Farmer? Send us an email. We would love to meet them and share their stories!